Mother’s Day and Flowers

Mother's Day and FlowersWe wish every mom a Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope that you are having a lovely Mother’s Day and Flowers. We would like to share a few photos especially for this day.

Flower Chocolates Oranges

A Mother’s Day Poem

Flowers, poems, and chocolates

Are just small tokens to say

Happy Mother’s Day

We may not always appreciate the advice

That moms give because they care

And it takes a while to realize

That they do try to be fair

So let’s make sure not to forget

To celebrate moms for more than just a day

Or we may come to regret

That we did not share words of love today

And make it a habit that is not rare

To bring flowers and chocolates more than once a year

by ~ Corina


What can be better than chocolates on a special day? More chocolates!

Taking you back to some time ago…


Long long time ago in Germany – Judit on the left and Corina on the right.

Three generations during the holidays at grandma’s in Budapest, Hungary.


On a trip on the ferry in NY.

San Diego harbor by the Star of India ship during a vacation.


The most delcious dinner at a French Chatteau.


In Austria with a giant Mozart Kugel. That golden ball is actually giant replica of a popular chocolate candy. How terrible it is only plastic…

Reviewing California wines in front of the wine cabinet.

During a segment for Austrian wines in dirndls.


Among the flowers in California.

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  1. says: Stella Gabriel

    Love all the photo’s of you ladies! Especially the one in Austria. Corina….. You have a great look in the California flowers photo as well!
    Happy Mothers Day!