Perfect Green Smoothie

There are millions of green smoothies recipes made daily, but this healthy Vegan perfect green smoothie is full of nutritious raw vegetables, including broccoli, and tastes super delicious after a yoga class or to celebrate Earth Day!

Perfect Green Smoothie Vegan Recipe

The second heatwave of this year brought the residents to the outdoors and we were excited to head to Mike’s beach yoga class to enjoy the sunshine and waves. The yoga bug finally bit us and with our new yoga mats in hand we greeted the day with thoughts of a perfect green smoothie as a reward after. Clear blue skies and the deeper blue Pacific Ocean laced with turquoise shimmers transformed Santa Barbara into a tropical island paradise.

After Yoga class we felt exhausted from the heat and headed to Blenders in the Grass, which has lots of good smoothies and we were eyeing the peanut butter chocolate (yum yum), but the line was out the door. The long line helped us to stay with the original plan and so we headed back to the kitchen to get a workout for our Vitamix as well.

Celery Santa Barbara Beach

A healthy green drink is better after good exercise to replenish and rehydrate you. Our Perfect Green Smoothie has all the ingredients for a post-yoga pick-me-up with fresh veggies (such as broccoli, celery, parsley, basil) and filtered water. The celery is a great for weight loss with its negative calories and diuretic effect that helps you flush out the toxins.

Corina Santa Barbara Beach

Our Perfect Green Smoothie is also the ideal drink to toast to Earth Day with. The official Earth Day is on April 22, but on the Central Coast the celebration was already in progress the last weekend. Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival was held at the Alameda Park and the electricity for the event came from biodiesel and the sun. Earth Day events brings a focus on environmental education and greening schools and businesses. It started in 1970 and was inspired by the devastating Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. The Earth Day program brings much needed attention to environmental programs and is celebrated around the world.

Green Smoothie Detox and Flowers

Fruit smoothies with occasional carrots have been a big part of our diet while growing up and living in Europe. They were mostly made with frozen fruits in winter when there was limited fresh produce available. In Budapest, Salzburg or Frankfurt you just could not harvest fresh strawberries in February like here in Southern California. Of course in the summer there were plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden and market, and oh yes we made many with ice cream for refreshing dessert creations.

How to make Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe

Since green smoothies became so popular and we of course whole heartedly  jumped on the ever growing “Green Smoothie Bandwagon”, we were wondering how could we have survived without knowing the glorious taste of broccoli, celery, parsley, basil and banana together. The beauty about this refreshingly delicious, nourishingly healthy, gorgeous green vibrant colored satisfying drink is that you can cut, mix, blend and enjoy within minutes.

Parsley and JC Yoga Tree

Keep in mind a few rules in your smoothie making technique so you will never end up with a green mess instead of a green goddess.
1. Know the strength of your blender
2. Cut hard veggies and fruits into smaller sizes
3. Layer first the hard and larger chunks then end with the liquids
4. Do not overstuff your blender container
5. Pulse on low first and then turn to high gear
6. Don’t forget to close the lid!

#6 is a joke in our family since Judit once forgot the middle portion of the lid and a strawberry margarita exploded over her brand new white kitchen cabinets. We love this perfect green smoothie recipe creation after a workout because it is just filled with raw vegetables and the banana adds the creaminess that you would usually get from peanut butter or protein powder. Corina was never really fond of broccoli, but with the added sweetness of banana finds it actually tasty in this smoothie. Our yoga poses might be far from perfect, but this smoothie is perfectly good for you.

Broccoli and JC Yoga Fun

The advantage of this Perfect Green Smoothie are the powerful green ingredients, each with large dose of nutrition and health benefits that will help get into beach body shape for the summer. This green smoothie is a true goddess in the health department, just make sure you don’t overindulge on raw broccoli on a daily basis. An excess of raw broccoli has been shown to cause negative health effects so remember everything in moderation or if you are a hard core broccoli lover you might want to steam it before adding it to your daily smoothie. We like to alternate our green smoothies with other vegetables and fruits so for Corina’s joy we don’t overdo it with the broccoli.

Perfect Vegan Green Smoothie Recipe Ingredients

Perfect Green Smoothie Benefits

Rich in Antioxidants
Low Calories
Low Carb
Loaded with Essential Vitamins
Diabetic Friendly
Helps in Weight loss

Judit and Paul Santa Barbara Green Smoothie Ingredients

Benefits of Broccoli

Low in calories and high in fiber
Broccoli is loaded with Vitamins A and C
Extremely beneficial for a diabetic diet
Contains antioxidants which help reduce the risk of cancer.

Perfect Green Smoothie with Broccoli Celery Parsley and Banana

Benefits of Celery

Boosts immune system with Vitamin C
Known as the “Negative Calorie food”
Assists in Weight Loss
Can lower cholesterol and fight cancer

Benefits of Banana

Good source of Vitamin B 6 and C
Potassium helps replenish electrolytes
Contains fiber that can help with digestion
Can lower blood pressure and maintain low blood sugar

Perfect Green Smoothie Green Goddess Smoothie

Benefits of Fresh Parsley

High in Vitamins K and C
Also contains Vitamin A and Folate
The antioxidants help against cell damage
Anti-inflammatory and protects agains arthritis
Beneficial for heart health

Benefits of Basil

Has anti-bacterial properties
Said to be anti-aging
Reduces inflammation
High in Vitamin K
Contains Iron, Potassium, and Manganese

Perfect Green Smoothie Recipe from GlamorousBite

Perfect Green Smoothie

Perfect Green Smoothie

Judit + Corina
There are millions of green smoothies recipes, but this perfect green smoothie is full of nutritious raw vegetables and tastes super delicious!
Servings 2


  • 1 1/2 cups Broccoli Florets - chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups Celery - roughly chopped
  • 1 Banana - peeled
  • 1/2 cup of Parsley - packed
  • 1 handful of Basil Leaves
  • 1 cup of Filtered Water


  • Layer chopped broccoli florets, celery, banana, parsley, basil leaves into a blender or Vitamix.
  • Top with one cup of filtered water.
  • Pulse blender a few times on low then blend on high until smooth.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Nutrition Facts: Servings 2, Serving size 1 glass:
Calories 91 • Fat 0.35 g • Saturated Fat 0.6 g • Carbs 22 g • Fiber 5 g •
Net Carbs 17 g • Sugars 9 g • Protein 3.6 g

Diet: Vegan, Vegetarian, Diabetic Friendly, , Paleo, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free

Green Smoothie and Corina Yoga

What is your favorite smoothie or post-workout drink?


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  1. says: Margot

    I just started adding more veggies to my daily diet and this green smoothie does look perfectly green and healthy.

  2. says: Maggie

    Love to practice yoga on the beach too! Really looks like you had a fun day 🙂 Green smoothie are definitely always on point if your trying to stay fit and healthy. Planning to make smoothie everyday for breakfast this summer, and will add this one on my list!

  3. says: Brie

    Great setting with the waterfall, makes the green smoothie look like it’s on vacation and ever more so enticing. Love your other recipes too.

  4. says: Mona

    Never thought of putting broccoli in a smoothie – what a great idea. I have a Vitamix which will be perfect for this. Thanks!

  5. How lovely to have had 2 heatwaves already! You sure like to tease us with your beautiful weather!
    This really does sound like a perfect smoothie, as well. It looks so refreshing, and I love the way you’ve photographed it out in the open!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Viviane! We did have a good workout with lots of giggles and the warm temperatures did make us thirsty. The parsley gave a nice fresh green note to this smoothie, almost like we would have added a little wheat grass 🙂

  6. says: Beverly

    I adore this green drink and you made it look so tropical and wonderful with that waterfall and beach photos. It is really a “Perfect Green Smoothie” and I am very curious to try it now.

  7. OMGosh, you girls just described the perfect day: “Clear blue skies and the deeper blue Pacific Ocean laced with turquoise shimmers transformed Santa Barbara into a tropical island paradise”. That, along with this smoothie is definitely the perfect day. Girls, I’m on my way over! xoxo

    1. There are many days filled with sun shine in Santa Barbara, and we can’t have any excuses not to live healthy. But even on not so perfect day a smoothie always helps!

  8. says: Margot

    Absolutely the best green smoothie photo I have yet seen and it is for sure perfectly green! How fun it looks at the beach with you both. Can I come join you and do I get a green smoothie if I try the poses too?

    1. Thank you Margot! This was one of the most vibrant green smoothie we have made. The Sunday yoga class is open to the public and the group seem to grow with each week. Every pose is smoothie worthy 🙂

    1. The beach yoga was a lot of fun Angie! We are pretty new to yoga and even if it was not very pretty (our moves ) but for sure we got a good workout under the blue skies. The spinach, kale and kiwi smoothie sounds refreshing.

  9. Happy Earth day Judith and Corina! What a great healthy and delicious smoothie to celebrate with. I got a smoothie contraption last summer and really enjoyed it. With spring (trying) come back I need to get back into the good habit. Not outdoor yoga yet but tomorrow is my class 😉

    1. Thank you Evelyne and hope you had a lovely Earth day as well! Smoothies are truly addictive and with so many delicious combinations we all have many more to sample. Hope you had a great yoga class 🙂

  10. says: Hotly Spiced

    Santa Barbara looks gorgeous and how lovely that Spring has definitely arrived and with it, perfect temperatures for getting down to the beach. I love the look of your smoothie. I recently bought a Nutribullet which has been good for getting me into really healthy smoothies. Need to try this one with broccoli xx

    1. The Southern Coast did have exceptionally warm spring this year and we are so thankful to be able to do a little yoga on the beach. We are hooked on the smoothie train too so enjoy your Nutribullet.