Perfect Dresses for a Winery Trip


Old Navy Women’s Long-Sleeved Wrap Dresses


With the scoop V-neckline this dress can go dressy and you can wear a glamorous necklace to dress it up more. The long sleeves will keep you warm in a cold cellar and pairing it with boots rather than high-heels will allow you to stomp around the vineyard in style. since it is made form rayon you can wear it on your long trip to the wineries without looking like a wrinkly mess when you get there. The soft material also allows you to sit in comfort and loosen the belt after a huge lunch in the wine country. There are several color options to choose form, but we like the Plummy Mummy version that pairs perfectly with a glass of Syrah.






Express Drop Waist Knit Dress


For a more casual winery trip, a drop waist knit dress in Dark Raspberry. The stretchy comfort and soft materials are perfect for a relaxing day trip. Wear it with cowboy boots and you can tour the vineyards with gusto. The Dark Raspberry color reminds us of an Australian Shiraz.









Grace Elements Dress, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Belted A-Line


This sleek and festive scoop neck dress comes in cranberry and black. We like the cranberry to match with a serious Cabernet Sauvignon. The shape has a hint of elegance that would go well for a winemakers dinner. Wear wedge heels that are not too high if you plan on staying on smooth paths. Flats if you are going on more rugged grounds. Yo don’t want to trip in this pretty dress.






Let us know what you like to wear on your winery trip.

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