Food & Wine Horoscope Spring 2014

Horoscope April 2014Spring is officially here and the flowers are in bloom and Food & Wine Horoscope April 2014 are finally here. Get out your picnic baskets and sunscreen as the days get longer and get ready for a month of change and transformation. But you may first need to sit down and pour a glass of wine before you read this since there are major astrological developments this April: Two eclipses (one is already plenty to handle) and a Cardinal Grand Cross between them with the effects having been felt already in March and rippling into May.

April 2014 sees a Cardinal Grand Cross that peaks on April 23/24, depending on your time zone, just after the Easter holiday which impacts all the signs of the zodiac. A Grand Cross occurs when four planets are at points of equal distance to each other on the zodiac. This can bring transformation to all the signs as we have Mars the planet of passion in retrograde in the sign of Libra, Pluto the planet of transformation in Capricorn, Uranus the planet of originally and expansion in Aries, and Jupiter the planet of luck and intellect in Cancer and all at 13 degrees around the peak. All that planetary energy and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 15 in Libra then a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 28/29 make April full of action. This is one busy month for all the zodiac signs so make sure to refresh and reflect! Hope you enjoy these horoscopes and let us know what your favorite recipe is for your astrological sign.

Aries Horoscope

(March 21-April 19)

This April take some time out to relax and rejuvenate as you are just getting over having experienced the New Moon from the end of March and will have a retrograde Mars in your 7th House of Partnerships, which can bring some unexpected results. This might be a rather confusing month and perhaps you are forgetful at times, like when planning a dinner party you may forget to pick up those fresh carrots for the Baby Carrots with Butter from the store. With all the changes happening you can feed your soul and strengthen your partnership with comfort from a Wine Countryside inspired Roast Chicken and let the stress melt away like that warm butter does on the carrots. The Cardinal Grand Cross can improve things for you and bring some delightful results in areas that have been less than stellar for quite some time.

Taurus Horoscope

(April 20-May 20)

With Venus in Pisces shinning her love light on you this month you will be able to tackle some of those demanding influences and transformations caused by Pluto in your 9th House. As Mars retrogrades in your House of Work things may become a little hectic, but you could be building a new circle of friends who help you forget the tension with a lovely trip to the wine country. Breathe in that fresh air and join a grape stomping party at the vineyard to stomp away your worries or just take a relaxing stroll through the vines and hunt for Easter eggs. Put on your comfy shoes and head to a Wine & Food Festival with a designated driver, there are several happening in California this April!


Gemini Horoscope

(May 21-June 20)

You may have growth in the career zone this April with some exciting recognition in that realm as Jupiter is still in your House of Money and interacting with Venus mid month. Hopefully there will be a promotion as a result of all that hard work you have put in very soon since you are quite impressive on the career front lately. The Lunar Eclipse this month on April 15 is making you more adventurous so surprise a special someone, or perhaps take along an old friend so you can catch up on fond memories, with a healthy picnic lunch in a beautiful and mystical location to replenish your spirit and experience the joys of Spring!

Cancer Horoscope

(June 21-July 22)

With Jupiter going through your sign things from the past could resurface and they could even be good things! Perhaps you were not ready for a job offer or to make that Risotto with extra Shrimp and Pancetta, but now you feel more up to such significant tasks. This month is also special if you are in a partnership as you will have some expansion in your sign and become more in tune as to what is beneficial for you and what is not on that front. You might have to compromise in some areas with a partner to keep the sailing smooth. With the Pluto Uranus opposition you may want to be prepared for some obstacles in the career filed, yet there are still many good things written in the sky for your sign.

Leo Horoscope

(July 23-August 22)

Having the Sun in your 9th House you will receive some beneficial rays since the Sun is also your very own ruling planet. This highlights luck, expansion and travel and you may plan some trips in the first part of the month. Just make sure to check the details of travel since the planetary action this month can cause some miscommunications and confusion. The Solar Eclipse on April 28/29 will highlight career and you could be working on a new project that gains momentum. This project can keep you busy so make some quick yet comforting meals like Mac & Cheese and enjoy it with a glass of Chardonnay in the garden to keep you centered.


Virgo Horoscope

(August 23-September 22)

Your personality opens up as this month sees you being more social and chatty. It also sees you focusing on the details of an interesting project that can be team related. With the New Moon in your 8th House of Relationships and shared finances you may see an exchange of money this month so be sure it is balanced and fair. The Lunar Eclipse can bring a different source of income for you and it can be a welcome change to the same old repetitive patterns. The Solar Eclipse on April 28/29 has you yearning for distant shores again and to expand your knowledge in various intellectual subjects. Perhaps you wish to brush up on your expertise of French or Italian wines for an upcoming summer trip?


Libra Horoscope

(September 23-October 22)

Partnerships are in focus with the Sun in your 7th House and there can be some surprises in store and a few secrets that may no longer be secrets due to having a retrograde Mars in Libra. Think twice about gossiping and channel your energy instead into building better relationships with those you care about. Perhaps a trip to a scenic winery will be just the thing for quality bonding time. On the career front there are shifts as well and there can even be beneficial outcomes if you learn how to promote your talents cleverly. If you need to impress the boss who is coming over for dinner, start with these irresistible little appetizers and your mission will be accomplished.


Scorpio Horoscope

(October 23-November 21)

Oh my, with Venus in your 5th House of Pleasure this month there can be more romance in the air and birds singing in the trees. You may be thinking about the love in the air and floating in a pink bubble, but don’t forget that work project that you left sitting on your desk. The Solar Eclipse on the 28/29 could have some reflections on the past and also new plans for the future. Perhaps a relationship or business partnership will go to the next level and will have you singing in the April showers. Make this month even sweeter by making delectable Pears Poached in Wine to share with someone equally sweet.


Sagittarius Horoscope

(November 22-December 21)

You are looking to beautify your home this month as you notice your surroundings more, yet you also focus on money and where you are spending. Mid month could be a beneficial time for this as you have a lucky angle between Jupiter and Venus. There might be a little stress at work so make sure to keep your energy up. As you enjoy your surroundings more you wish to take some time to simply sit with a magazine and a nice glass of red wine and watch the flowers grow or make a healthy salad to take on a walk. Mercury enters your 5th House of pleasure this month allowing you to channel your energy towards finding what direction you wish to go with your aspirations and the Solar Eclipse of April 28/29 can bring about professional changes.


Capricorn Horoscope

(December 22-January 19) or (Dec. 23-Jan. 20)

The Cardinal Grand Cross will bring laughter and brightness your way soon and you will be shinning like a young reborn star. April 15th Lunar Eclipse brings connections, some new, some from the past, and some that are meant to last, so you may have to share that decadent dessert after all. The Solar Eclipse on April 28/29 could have you meeting someone special while simply going about your routine. Perhaps an attractive stranger chats you up in the wine isle of the supermarket so make a little effort if you are interested. There can be more than one option now and you are enjoying lavish attention. If you are in a happy relationship you could grow closer and expand your family as the Eclipse speeds that along too. This April pairs you with Bubbly to celebrate your newfound joy!


Aquarius Horoscope

(January 20-February 18)

You may be thinking of setting down roots in another location as the month progresses and exploring where you wish to be this summer. Wouldn’t you just love to get a farm and vineyard in Tuscany like music icon Sting did? Also this month your communications increase if you are in the field of writing or publishing and there can be advances on the career front as Venus forms a Trine with Saturn and Jupiter! You may come up with new ideas this month that can further turn your career dreams into reality. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and adding healthy foods, like a fruit salad, to your diet while you pursue those ideals.


Pisces Horoscope

(February 20-March 20)

Venus the planet of love will be in your sign bringing some pleasurable aspects. With Uranus and the Sun in your 2nd House of possessions you might have to pull yourself out of the clouds to take care of the financial aspects of life and count the eggs in your Easter basket. There can be expenses coming up from short trips, but you wont mind overly since travel can be fun too, especially when it is to a winery tasting room with good friends and you have a delicious chicken dinner waiting for you when you get back home.

These Food & Wine horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only and are not deemed valid or reliable. Read at your own risk. Please drink legally and responsibly and do not drink and drive.

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