Gioia Pinot Noir

Gioia Pinot Noir

Come behind the label with us to Santa Barbara County, as we taste a 2007 Gioia Pinot Noir. Every wine has a story and to us Gioia’s story is more then special. Terry Love the wine maker is creating wines to share her sons beautiful spirit with all of us. J: And we did bring you before Gioia Chardonnay and Syrah and the winemaker is Terry Love, and look at this beautiful label.
C: She did this actually, the wine in honor of her son Tyler, all the wine and the wines are really special, because the label is kind of gothic, gothic wings right here.
J: Tyler was studying in Italy, he absolutely adored the Italian culture and art and this label looks like a mitt 18th century from Italy.
C: And the Hart is not just for Terry Love, last name Love, its also because Tyler was her Hart and the Gold, is because he was the golden boy. So there are a lot of elements in this label that really memorize her son.
J: You know, the most beautiful about this wine is that she turn her tragic happenings into something beautiful to share with all of You and all of us something special, like a beautiful wine, do open this, Corina
C: She has fife different varietals actually.
J: Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and also she is doing the Zinfandel, witch I would love to taste with Terry, so we gone hopefully to get here with her Zin here and we can taste together.
C: I’m using the Rabbit Cork opener.
J: That is really easy, even for people who are not very handy.
C: There you go.
J: Beautiful!
C: Terry actually came to the central coast area on a visit in 2007 and she has been making her wine up in Santa Ynez area ever since.
J: I think She came with the purpose to make wine, I think She fall in love with the area and also the history of the area, its a beautiful scenery and wineries are just blossoming, they have over 200 now, I guess. Its like the new Napa, Santa Barbara County and not just from the movie “Sideways”, I think its really up and coming and the wine getting better and better. Terry won with this wine in 2009 an international.
C: Los Angeles wine and spirit competition, Gioia Pinot Noir won the Silver Medal and there were over 3000 other wines in the competition.
J: That is a great honor. Lets try it!
Both: Cheers, Cheers to You to.
J: Oh, the aroma its very sensual, you where right Corina, show the color, when you where saying, that’s this Pinot Noir is for a romantic Weekend or a romantic Dinner. That’s Pinot Noir exudes Romance, on the nose already.
C: Ye, this is great for just a nice Dinner or even just a special Occasion like Valentines Day, any Holidays.
J: I have to try it; it’s really on the nose beautiful.
C: I am getting Plum.
J: I get the cherry, you get the plum?
C: Yes I get Plum, are you getting a little bit of smokiness on the nose to?
J: Earthy smokiness, you are right, well lets try it.
C: Terry sat it has like a ruby, a deep ruby color, witch I have to agree with, its got this lovely red hue. For me its a Cranberry color actually, I would say Cranberry.
J: It do have the Cranberry color, but on the tong You mentioned Cranberry, I taste a little bit of Cranberry to, Earth, like a little bit of Forest Earth, but warm.
C: Like Moss covered Forest.
J: Moss covered but dryer, I taste the Earth.
C: I am getting also the Plum sometimes.
J: I do get on mitt palate
C: Like a tart Cherry for me.
J: It does, for me it has a little bit of Strawberry, a tiny bit Cherry and a little sweet Raspberry. It’s very nice; it’s a medium bodied wine.
C: Medium, this has also a medium to long lasting finish.
J: But on the nose this wine is just greeting right up there,” Hello there I am for a great Weekend”.
C: No,” Hello here I am sitting in front of the Fireplace and eat Chocolate”.
J: That’s way we got the Chocolate.
C: Way is it over by you and not by me?
J: Because You eat them right away. Let me take another sip to make sure…
C: Don’t drink that much, try the Chocolate, Albright, so we have this local Chocolates here from French Chocolatier CaliBresan and witch one should we try?
J: From Michele, he is from France and he is a true traditional Chocolatier.
C: His flavors are not that traditional because he is bringing out unique flavors, there is even like Curry, Gardenia.
J: Actually Geranium, I don’t know witch one is the Gardenia, this one is the Geranium and I just love that, this goes very well with this Gioia Pinot Noir or a Cabernet, I love the Geranium, I have to tell you.
C: And there are also different varieties of Chocolates, this may be the Gardenia??? Chocolate and this one look like the Maple.
J: It’s a really great way to get a few flavored Chocolates.

The 2007 Gioia Pinot Noir from the Santa Barbara County that was a Silver Medal Winner.

Besides sweets here are a few of our recipes to pair with Gioa Pinot Noir:
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