Daily Photo: Spring Roses

Spring Roses Daily Photo

Instead of a wine review, we have roses for you today with all the beautiful rose petal aromas you would get in a glass of Pinot Noir or a red blend like the Banfi Centine. Spring is here and we though you may enjoy these beautiful roses hand picked from the garden. They have a sweet fragrance that fills the house.

We just love the variety of colors from soft lacey pink to buttery yellow to vibrant deep magenta. There are so many flowers in the garden it is such a joy. The weekend is almost here so have a Happy Thursday!


Daily Photo: Spring Roses

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  1. says: Amelia

    Hi Judit & Corina, lovely and gorgeous roses. The vases are very pretty too. I like your excellent blog, am following you.
    Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog.
    Have a fabulous weekend, regards.