Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Giveaway – Winner!

Cuisinart Mini Food Processor GiveawaySpring is fully here and we thought to have a special Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Giveaway in vibrant Spring colors to make this season more fun for you in the kitchen. We are constantly mixing it up with our Mini Cuisinart Food Processor in the kitchen and there are just so many things you can make so we thought you may need one too!

The Winner of the Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Giveaway is:

#38 Alessandra “I would take the Banana Yellow Cuisinart mini food processor to make many spring and summer dishes. The first I would try is mint chutney then a fruit chutney. I have a food processor that is in bad shape and I would really like to win a new one!”


Congratulations to the winner and please email us to claim your prize within 24 hours at This Giveaway is closed. A new Giveaway will be posted soon!

You can just toss in a few ingredients for making appetizer spreads, dips, healthy pesto, tasty sauces, or salad dressings. Use it to chop onions, garlic, or fresh herbs and not to mention you can also chop nuts or peppers. We can always use a quality kitchen gadget to make cooking easier, especially if it comes in fun colors! It makes chopping vegetables much faster and it is easy to clean up. This Cuisinart mini food processor can also make bread crumbs and grind cheese. So tell us, are you a Papaya, fan or Lime Green lover? Judit adores the Turquise Candy and Corina the Watermelon Sorbet.

How to Win
To enter the Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Giveaway just leave a comment below telling us:
1. “What food would you mix in this cute mini food processor?”
and “Which color would you choose?”

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*Bonus: Get bonus entries by telling us different foods you would use this processor for. Even more bonus entries if you pin this on Pinterest.

The Prize
Cuisinart DLC2 Mini Prep Plus 3-Cup Food Processor
This 250-watt food processor has a durable 3-cup plastic work bowl and sleek push button control panel for easy use. It chops and grinds with a stainless-steel blade. Measures about 8 inches by 5 inches by 9 inches. Dishwasher-safe lid and bowl. We had a little fun with the colors. Select one of the Spring colors shown: Turquoise Candy, Banana Yellow, Lime Green, Papaya, or Watermelon Sorbet.

Avocado Deviled Eggs Gluten-FreeWe used our food processor to create the filling for these bite size Avocado Deviled Eggs

Herb Mushroom Crostiniand to mix up the topping for these Herb Mushroom Crostini appetizers.

Terms & Conditions
We will select 1 winner from those comments entered to this contest. You must be over 18 years of age and it will be shipped to a U.S. address only. Contest ends May 1, 2014 at 10pm PDT. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on May 2,2014 by 10am.
Please email us here within 24 hours. If you do not then a second winner will be randomly selected. This prize is sponsored by Judit & Corina of WineDineDaily and was not donated to us.

Good Luck!

Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Colors

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  1. says: Shannon Coulbourne

    I would love to win this for my mom.she does all the cooking in our family and could really use this

  2. says: B

    Watermelon Sorbet or Turquoise Candy cause the name and colour just makes u smile & giggle with happiness! With this new mini option by Cuisinart, it would totally be perfect for making my hummus and eggplant spreads. Quick, healthy, easy-to-use blending them with olive oil, cayenne pepper, pinch of salt, spices for whatever mood your in… Bam! What else could b more perfect?!

  3. says: Nancy

    This food processor would be perect for making my Mango chutney! It has spices like cumin, cardamom, ginger and garlic.To match my favorite color I would just love to win the Banana Yellow in your Cuisinart giveaway!

  4. says: Kate

    I would use the colorful mini processor for everything Spring: preparing crusts for the summer pies, herbs for fresh dips and spreads, chopping nuts for my fresh Spring and Summer salads, and of course for preparing guacamole that seems to end up in every lunch of mine whether it be a sandwich or side to my fajitas!

    Lime Green and Turquoise Candy are my top 2 color choices, though any of them would be a stylish addition to my kitchen!

  5. says: Renee Dwyer

    I would process the walnut biscuit base for my walnut banoffe pie- although I would be greatful with any colour, this would be a dream in the turquoise blue cuisinart food processor, no more sore finger tips and individually chopping each walnut! I could make double the quantity thanks to the time saving!

  6. says: Karen Laffey

    I envision using my Lime Green Cruisinart Food Processor to test food pairings so I can offer hints to guests when they visit our tasting room. Barbera Poached Figs made with Organic Tuscan Olive Oil comes to mind! This would be a useful accent piece in my blue and white kitchen.

  7. says: Rachel Cartucci

    I like the banana yellow one!!!!!!!!!!! They are all so pretty…I would be happy with any color. I subscribe too

  8. says: Natalie

    I love the Papaya colored Cuisinart!! So fun, especially for spring!

    Since I’ve been without a food processor (it disappeared when I moved!), I haven’t been cooking as much, which is a shame. Among the usual chopping of veggies and mixing of creamy hummus and sauces, here are some recipes that would be so much easier (or only possible) with a papaya colored cuisinart ;-). Cant wait to make these morsels of yummyness!:

    – Vegan pistachio ice cream
    – Banana & avocado chocolate pudding
    – Avocado dressing
    – Garlic & kale soup
    – Rhubarb, rosewater, and lime sorbet
    – Crimini mushroom, zucchini and kale coconut-ginger red curry
    – Raw blackberry, lemon and lavender cheesecake

    Wow, I’m hungry!! It will be so much fun if I win! Fingers crossed 🙂

    Oh and I’ll definitely pin this on Pinterest!

  9. says: Brian

    I need a Lime Green Cuisinart DLC2 Mini Prep Plus Food Processor to chop onions faster! If you see how slow I chop onions you would pick me 🙂

  10. I would make some pesto in the mini food processor. It adds so much flavor to so many dishes.

    All the colors are awesome! I would choose the watermelon sorbet to go with the reds in my kitchen.

  11. says: Alessandra

    I would take the Banana Yellow Cuisinart mini food processor to make many spring and summer dishes. The first I would try is mint chutney then a fruit chutney. I have a food processor that is in bad shape and I would really like to win a new one!

  12. says: Alyce Goldsmith

    Mixing figs and apples, nuts and raisins with a little red wine for a spreadable treat!
    The turquoise candy is the right choice according to my 3 year old granddaughter.

  13. says: Angela

    These are so cute! I want to win the Papaya in your Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Giveaway and I would make a papaya mango salsa with jalapeno! The salsa would be delish on grilled Mahi Mahi.

  14. says: Dana

    I would chop all types of salads, the onions and celery. It would finally help me get in shape for summer!!! I love the turquoise/Tiffany blue <3

  15. says: Dan Gaffey

    I would make a delicious, chilled gazpacho soup made from fresh vegetables harvested from our organic vegetable garden. My preference is the lime green Cuisinart Mini.

  16. says: Adam

    I would mix up a hummus dip with chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper, to have with pita bread. Lime Green for the food processor color. Thanks.

  17. I would get the Turquoise Candy as it would then match all of my other Le Creuset pots and pans that are in an almost identical color. I would use it for all sorts of things but mainly for making sauces and marinades like Chimmichurri and Korean Bulgogi!

  18. says: Cassandra

    These colors are so much fun! A Banana yellow Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus 3-Cup Food Processor to make my favorite fresh salsas and vegetable spreads. I have been trying to eat more healthy greens so this processor would be perfect for getting me started. I can just imagine all the great recipes to make with it and the Banana Yellow would match my new Williams Sonoma kitchen towels.

  19. says: Leslie

    I would make peach sorbet and have my daughter help me, she loves peaches and helping mom in the kitchen! I would pick the watermelon sorbet processor.

  20. Over the years my family & I have changed our diet to include a lot more raw & vegan recipes. One of our favorite cookbooks (besides is Ellen Degeneres, Vegan Cooking for Carnivores. Many recipes require a Cuisinart to do things that a traditional blender can not. Personally, I would love to make Genovese Pesto. Here’s my favorite Pesto recipe:

    4 cups packed basil, blanched briefly in boiling water and shocked in ice water
    ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil
    ½ cup finely grated parmesan
    ¼ cup pine nuts
    3 tbsp. finely grated pecorino
    2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
    Coarse sea salt, to taste

    Process basil, oil, parmesan, pine nuts, pecorino, and garlic in a food processor until smooth; season with salt.

    In this classic version of pesto, the basil leaves are blanched in boiling water, then quickly shocked in ice water, to give the sauce a brilliant green hue and to reduce any bitterness

  21. says: Beverly Asleson

    I would choose the watermelon sorbet, and since I’ve never had one before, nor have I ever won anything I would attempt to make each item you have listed, Herb Mushroom Crostini appetizers, Avocado Deviled eggs, salsa, strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothie.

  22. says: Leanne Aschwanden

    I love them all but would choose the Papaya! I would give it to Marcia, my beautiful mother’s caregiver. Marcia spends her time giving to others, bringing joy to so many elderly people. She is endlessly cooking and baking and sharing the yumminess!

  23. says: sapana patel

    I would chop all vegetables as you know for Indian cooking we need to cut so many stuff for 1 single dish, and like it in the color Papaya!

  24. says: Dru

    I would use it everyday! Salsa, all my cookie recipes, and my kids sorbet. I would definitely like either watermelon or papaya.

  25. says: Diana Reeves

    I would use this processor for making puréed beans for soups, spice blends, salsas and deviled eggs. The color that I would choose is Turquoise Candy. Thank you!

  26. says: Brian

    Nice! I want to use it for chopping garlic for any recipe since that takes me forever. Lime Green for the Cuisinart DLC2 Mini Prep Plus Food Processor!

  27. says: Rhonda W

    Oh, so glad to find this blog. I’m following you on Pinterest as well.

    I’m very interested in a one-ingredient recipe recently that requires a food processor–frozen bananas (sub for ice cream). My food processor is big and bulky and not worth the time to clean. But of course, I would use the processor for many other foods such as salad dressing and chopping onions.

    I would choose banana yellow because it’s such a happy color. But frankly, I would take any color.

  28. says: judi oldenburg

    Use for all kinds of things that need chopping,,fruit,nuts,veggies you name it. Yellow is my color so bright and cheerful in the kitchens.Could use one….

  29. says: Tiffany Adrian

    I have been looking for a good food processor for my little shop! I would use it to purée my fresh berries for fresh squeezed lemonades, and use it to make all if my chilled soups for the Summer! I would take any color, but I am partial to the watermelon sorbet color:) hopefully I win! I would use it everyday:)

  30. says: Allan

    1. I would love this food processor to chop up the fresh herbs we grow in our garden.

    2. Orange is cool right now, so I would choose Papaya.

    3. Hands down, this would be great for salsa!

  31. says: Amber Ooley

    If I had one of these cute mini food processors, I would mix up my guacamole and pico de gallo for next week’s “Dos de Mayo” Salsa Competition at the office and win of course.

    If I had to choose, I’d pick the Turquoise Candy. Such a lovely spring color!

    1. says: Amber Ooley

      Bonus Entries!
      – Chopped up herbs from the garden
      – Homemade peanut butter (or any nut butter)
      – Crushed Pretzels for my favorite pretzel salad
      – Anything related to baking cupcakes, pies and sweets
      – Dips for summer bbq’s and get-togethers

      Oh, and this has been pinned!

  32. says: Daisy

    So hard to decide! All colors are super cute 🙂 I would love this in a turquoise candy and I would use it for all my cooking!! Making salsas, avocado dips, chop my vegetables, and so much more!

  33. says: Katie Lacher

    1. “What food would you mix in this cute mini food processor?” My world famous salsa of course! Perfect food processer to combine the tomatoes, jalapenos, red peppers, onions, and my secret ingredients (shhhh!)

    2. “Which color would you choose? A salsa that spicy should have a bright food processor! I think that Lime Green will hit the spot!

  34. says: Leila

    Please pick me! I would love this Cuisinart in Turquoise Candy and would use it for chopping onions. Thanks!

  35. says: Jennifer

    I would chop wlanuts for a maple walnut cake with the Cuisinart Mini Food Processor and like it in the color Papaya! Also pinned the page!