Calphalon Nonstick Skillet Set Giveaway – Winner Announced!

Calphalon Nonstick Skillet Set Giveawa

While making our latest steak recipe, we thought you may need this skillet set to make lots of tasty recipes so we are giving away a 2-piece Calphalon Unison Nonstick Skillet Set for a special Calphalon Nonstick Skillet Set Giveaway!

Calphalon Nonstick Skillet Set Giveaway – Winner Announced:

#43 Jessica F. Making taco meat is really easy and simple in a skillet… a standby for living on a college budget!
Congratulations to the winner and please email us within 24 hours to claim your prize at winedinetv [@] This Giveaway is closed.

The Prize

A Calphalon Unison Nonstick Skillet Set (2 piece). With an 8inch AND a 10 inch skillet made in the U.S.A. The CalphalonUnison has a SLIDE NONSTICK surface that releases foods without effort. Cook with little or no oils. Dishwasher safe and Oven safe up to 500°F / 260°C.


How to Win
To enter the giveaway just leave a comment below telling us:

“Do you have a favorite skillet recipe?”

Would it be a sirloin steak with caramelized onions or a vegetarian omlette? Chicken fajitas or crepes?


Terms & Conditions

You may may leave multiple comments, as long as they are different answers, until Monday, February 27, 2012 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Winners will be selected via and will be announced by Tuesday morning 10am. Winners will need to claim the prize by emailing us at winedinetv [@] within 24 hours from the time the winner is announced or it will go to a new winner. Good Luck!

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  1. says: Peter JohnP

    The first thing I would make is a steak and besides that it’s scrambled eggs. Pretty simple but good stuff.

  2. says: Joyce

    One of my favorite skillet recipes is Deborah Madison’s interpretation of breakfast burritos. A family stand-by for years.

  3. says: Eileen

    My hubby makes fajitas in a non-stick skillet. They are delicious. I figure since he has it down there is o need for me to get in the way – lol! Have a great weekend!

  4. says: Blanche

    i like a chicken stirfry in a skillet. nice chunky pieces of white breast meat, sauteed in olive oil, then add a little teriyaki, a little honey garlic and a whole bunch of assorted veggies. stir around until it’s all coated in the sauce and pour it over rice or noodles. I make this sooooo often that my skillet is wearing out and I really need a new one. tks. great contest!

  5. says: VinoDiva

    After a day of shopping I love to make pan seared scallops and have a glass of Chardonnay with it. I really need a new skillet too and am excited you are giving away a set!

  6. I think my favorite skillet recipes is when I make a honeyed tomato sauce with ground pork. Brown the pork in the pan first then mix in plain tomato sauce and paste, add in honey and spices to taste. Put on pasta!

  7. says: Ann

    This is going to sound weird, but I SO have a favorite skillet recipe….scrambled eggs. To my honey bunny – they are the ULTIMATE comfort food!

  8. says: Quiche-ing Queen

    My favorite skillet meal is Chicken Francese with Wilted Spinach. What a generous giveaway! I’d like to invite you to enter the giveaway on my blog for Satori Cheese. http://

  9. says: Gilbert Chavez

    I love to slice chicken into bite size pieces, add lots of yummy spices, and fry them up to a crispy texture. This then becomes the meat in a delicious sandwich!

  10. says: Joanne

    I SO need a new skillet. We use ours all the time. I use the skillets for eggs (of course and which we eat a lot of) as well as stir fry’s of assorted types.

  11. says: Steve Murphy

    My favorite skillet recipe would have to be the scrambled eggs my 10 year old makes for me. Teaching her to cook, she has the scrambled eggs down. Working on pancakes now as well as frying bacon.

  12. says: Mary Bishop

    Boneless Buffalo Chicken breasts: Marinate the chicken for an hour in Frank’s Hot Sauce and a dash of olive oil. Roll in bread crumbs and pan fry till crisp and juices run clear. Serve with a drizzle of Hot Sauce over the top and a tablespoon of crumbled blue cheese. Sprinkle paper thin slices of celery on the top and serve!

  13. says: Rita

    I like searing a duck breast in a non stick skillet so that the skin gets nice and crispy and all the fat renders out. Then I fry some potatoes in the duck fat!!

  14. says: Marina

    I use non-stick for omlette, fritata and crapes only. The rest of my skillet adventures are done in a cast iron…

  15. says: Lindsey Conover

    Living in Asia, I have become a master at using my skillet for just about everything (no ovens!). But my all time favorite is definitely crispy gnocchi in mornay sauce….yummm….